IFMR Rallye to the Rotary International Convention 2019

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IFMR Rallye to the Rotary International Convention 2019 

Time to go!

Dear fellows of IFMR,

the RI Convention 2019 will take place in Hamburg, Germany from June 1st to June 5th. The IFMR chapter Austria-Germany-Switzerland is going to organize a pre-Convention rally starting at several places in the Chapter’s region. All members of IFMR are very welcome to ride with us to the Convention 2019. 

We have planned different tracks from the starting locations, all tracks will end in Lüneburg close to Hamburg. In Lüneburg we have reserved a contingent of 200 rooms in two hotels from 31st of May until 5th of June 2019. During the Convention we will offer different rides to Hamburg and daytrips in the region. 

For fellows arriving by plane we have also reserved a limited number of rental bikes in

Frankfurt/Main, Hannover and in Munich. More information will be provided in January. If you are interested to rent a bike, please use the enrollment form on the website

There will be charged a participation fee of 80, – Euros, to be paid via PayPal, more details in the individual confirmation you will receive after enrollment.

The agenda of the rally:                                                                                                              


  Starting location Arrival at starting location 6:00 PM

Briefing 7:00 PM

Start of ride


Arrival in Lüneburg
  Zurich / CH 28.05.2019 29.5.19 8:30 AM 31.05.2019
Saarbrücken 28.05.2019 29.5.19 8:30 AM 31.05.2019
Bad Bentheim 30.05.2019 31.5.19 8:30 AM 31.05.2019
Innsbruck/Munich 28.05.2019 29.5.19 8:30 AM 31.05.2019
Frankfurt/Oder and Berlin 30.05.2019 31.5.19 8:00 AM 31.05.2019
Frankfurt/Main 29.05.2019 30.5.19 8:00 AM 31.05.2019
Bad Harzburg 30.05.2019 31.5.19 8:30 AM 31.05.2019
Hannover 30.05.2019 31.5.19 12:30 PM 31.05.2019
Flensburg 30.05.2019 31.5.19 8:30 AM 31.05.2019
  Lüneburg daytrip Convention, House of Friendship 1.6.19 8:30 AM 1.6.19 6:30 PM
Lüneburg regional ride or individual time 2.6.19 8:30 AM 2.6.19 6:30 PM
Lüneburg regional ride or individual time 3.6.19 8:30 AM 3.6.19 6:30 PM
Lüneburg regional ride or individual time 4.6.19 8:30 AM 4.6.19 6:30 PM
post convention Rides back to Starting locations groupwise or in own responsibility 5.6.19 8:30 AM  


  1. Select one of the starting locations (see also map on page 3)
  2. Enroll with the enrollment form

The enrollment form will generate an automatic answer with the recorded data. In addition you will receive an individual confirmation. After receiving your individual confirmation from the organization team:

  1. Book the hotels enclosed in your confirmation, prepayment by credit card is needed
  2. In case you need a rental bike, book the rental bike according to the information enclosed in the confirmation
  3. Book your flights or plan your individual ride to the starting location you’ve selected
  4. Pay the participation fee (80 Euros) before end of March 2019
  5. If not yet done buy your Convention ticket if you need one

The enrollment phase will be started today, we will enrich the website with actual and additional information subsequently. In addition we kindly inform you about a post Convention ride in the Northern region of Hamburg starting in Lüneburg. This ride will end June 10th. More details will be provided end of October on the website of our chapter

In any case of question feel free to contact the organization team via 

Best Rotarian regards,

IFMR Chapter AGS 

Friedhelm Kirchhoff



Friedhelm Kirchhoff                                               Christoph Schwarz
President                                                                  Vice-President and Head of Roadcaptains                              


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